Granite Discovery (North)

6 Orion Street, Southern Cross, WA 6426

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Points of Interest

Lake Koorkoordine

From Southern Cross, travel north over Lake Polaris along Bullfinch Road. A small detour 6kms will take you to Hunts Soak on Lake Koorkoordine and the Golf Course for a great view of the Lake and Southern Cross.


Halfway Rocks

Return to Bullfinch Road and travel for approximately 18kms until you come to Halfway Rocks – a rock formation with a natural arch. This was the site of a “Sly Grog” shop during the Bullfinch boom in 1909-10.


Continuing on Bullfinch Road for 36kms, you will reach the town of Bullfinch. The main street in town was once a mile long with businesses on both sides—shops, newspaper, boarding houses, mine office, bank, service station etc. The Copperhead Goldmine now operates in the area.

Golden Valley

At the “T” junction, turn right and travel to Golden Valley (28kms). Golden Valley was the first town established east of Northam. Pass Radio Mill mine and travel a further 140kms toward Mt Jackson, Clampton and Evanston.

Bullfinch to Baladgie Rock

At the “T” junction, turn left onto Mukinbudin Road. Continue to travel through wheat crops and keep an eye out for various creepers, wildlife and birdlife. There is also an excellent example of an old well here, constructed during Hunt’s third expedition east in 1865. Follow the track to the small water-hole and picnic place.

Baladgie Rock

Return to Mukinbudin Road, travel for 3kms and on the right you’ll see a turn off to Lake Baladgie and Baladgie Rock (5.7kms to the actual rock). You can drive two thirds of the way around Baladgie or walk and experience the wonders of caves and rock formations. A short climb to the top is well worth it to take in the magnificent views of Baladgie Salt Lake to the north and east. You can also see Highclere Hills where gold was first discovered in Golden Valley. This is also an excellent picnic spot, with wildflowers blooming during the Spring season. Orchids and a variety of ferns can also be seen growing in the rock crevices.

Kerman Rock

Return to Mukinbudin Road and drive 2.4kms back to North Bodallin Road. Turn right to Kerman Rock at approx 7kms on right (there is no road entry, however a short walk through the bush to stretch your legs will allow you to see another of our unique granite formations).

Keokanie Rock

Continue along North Bodallin Road for 12.6kms to Keokanie Rock. On your way you’ll see farming, bushland, shrub and tall trees.

Moorine Rocks

3kms further on your left is Stand-pipe Road. Turn left here for 8kms to the junction of Noongaar North Road. Turn right and travel 6kms to Moorine Rocks and Hunts Soak which are both great picnic destinations. Walk through the bushland, climb to the top and look to the south where you will see Moorine Rock Wheat Bins.

Moorine Rock Road

You now have two options. 1km from Moorine Rock turn left, or you can continue 11kms straight ahead to Great Eastern Highway. We are going to complete the Granite Disocery Tour by turning left at Moorine Rock.

Kodjerning Rock

Turn left 1km from Moorine Rock and travel for 15kms along Moorine Rock Road until you come across Kodjerning Rock, a low flat formation and a restored Hunts well. First discovered in 1864, Hunt returned again in 1865 to re-dig the well to a depth of 2 metres. He returned twice more during his travels into the eastern vastness. The well is located alongside the road.

Moorine Rock Road to Great Eastern Highway

Continue along Moorine Rock Road for a further 10kms and you will return to the Great Eastern Highway. Turn 3kms right to Moorine Rock or 18kms left to Southern Cross.

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