Please note that the Museum is closed until the end of March 2022.

Yilgarn History Museum

Western Australia’s Eastern Goldfields history began at Southern Cross. Absorb the rich history of the region and view an extensive collection of artefacts at the Yilgarn HistoryYilgarn History Museum Museum.

The Museum is housed in a beautiful heritage building constructed in 1892. This building was the first Registrar’s Office ever built in Western Australia and the first permanent courthouse in the Eastern Goldfields. It was here that Arthur Bayley and Paddy Hannan registered their claims for Coolgardie (1892) and Kalgoorlie (1893) respectively. Because of this, Southern Cross is often referred to as the Mother of Coolgardie and Grandmother of Kalgoorlie.

Southern Cross is the starting point of the world’s richest cubic mile – Kalgoorlie’s Golden Mile. It was here that the great Gold Rush began, with gold first found near Southern Cross in 1887, then in Coolgardie in 1892 and Kalgoorlie in 1893.

Southern Cross is where agriculture meets mining. Its unique position and combination of industries means the Yilgarn History Museum contains a rare collection of artefacts, records and memorabilia from both areas. Explore displays on minerals, prospecting and mining with special features such as a working model of a gold battery, camel wagon and other fascinating collections.

The Museum has a range of tourism/visitor information which is available during the opening hours below (including over the weekend when the Shire of Yilgarn Administration Office is not open).


  • A Prospectors Camp and prospecting equipment
  • Minerals and rocks
  • Authentic 5-Head Stamp Battery and mining equipment
  • Agricultural, Transport & Water Supply items
  • Bottle Collection
  • Early Educational Items
  • Photos & Citations of Yilgarn Servicemen
  • Camel wagon

Museum Opening Hours

Opening hours


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9.30am to 11.30am


12noon - 4.00pm


By appointment

To view, please call: 0412 053 830 or 0428 491 467

Sunday 10.30am to 3.30pm

This museum is operated by willing volunteers. We apologise if for any reason it is closed at an advertised time due to unforeseen circumstances.

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Admission by donation.

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Please see below some images from our Museum - this is only a small view of some displays, so please take time to visit and explore our whole collection!