King of the Cross is a famous annual motocross competition hosted by the Southern Cross Motorcycle. This prestigious motocross event attracts talent from around the country each year.  

This motocross spectacular began in the 1970s when Southern Cross had a population of around 900 people. The weekend event would attract up to 5,000 people to the town with participants competing for a bar of gold which in some years was valued up to $5,000 (around $10,000 in today’s gold prices).

The event typically takes place on the first weekend of August at the Southern Cross Motorcycle Club at Richie Kings Memorial Park in Southern Cross. The competition is split into two heats:

  • Kid of the Cross – for children ages 4 to 16 years, riding 50cc to 250cc motorbikes
  • Kind of the Cross – open to riders Australia-wide
  • Queen of the Cross – women’s event

Full camping, canteen and bar facilities are available throughout the weekend.

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