Granite Discovery (South)

Our Granite Discovery tours guide you through some of the oldest rock formations in the world. The Southern tour will take you through broad valleys, low rolling hills and large outcrops that offer excellent vantage points and distinct landscape views.

Please note, the roads are mostly unsealed so take care driving.

Granite Discovery Trail (South)

  1. From Southern Cross, travel west 1km to Southern South Cross Rd / Hyden (signposted). Turn left and continue travelling south through open tree country and soft rolling farm land to our first stop.

    At the 24km mark, turn left towards Strawberry Rocks. Continue for 2km until you reach the track to the Rocks on your right.

    Strawberry Rocks features a large flat expanse of granite that resembles a pancake. At the base of the rock is a a gnamma turned into a well, and halfway up the face of the rock is a tank built by Allen Raeside for the farmers for household and stock use. It is covered with wire and gimlet. Be aware there is another gnamma on the north side of the rock and is about 2 meters deep without a cover. During our early history two schools operated in the area, one being Strawberry Rocks School.

  2. Return to Southern Cross South Road. Travel for a short distance until you reach a “T” junction. Turn right, you are now on Parkers Range Rd. Pass Strawberry Rock and after 2kms turn left onto Southern Cross South Rd. Travel for a further 3kms to a “T” junction, turn left again, continuing on Southern Cross Rd towards our next destination, Frog Rock.

  3. The outcrop directly in front of you at the “T” junction is Jilbadgie Rock, which we will approach from another direction. Travel for 2kms along Southern Cross South Rd and you will cross over the Frog Rock Marvel Loch Rd. Continue for another 2kms to the entrance of the of the Frog Rock Reserve on the right. There is a short drive into the parking area.

    Frog Rock Reserve is home to many native birds, animals and significant varieties of our unique wildflowers and trees including Sandalwood. The Soak at the base of Frog Rock was developed into a well in 1940. It has timber walls and jack pump. There is a wave like formation on the southern aspect of the rock. Head up to the summit for scenic views and a great picnic place.

  4. Return to Southern Cross South Rd, turn left and head back to Frog Rock Marvel Loch Rd and turn left. On your right is Jilbadgie Rock. Note: you are now in the Jilbadgie area for radio weather patterns and fire reports.

  5. Continue on Frog Rock Marvel Loch Rd for approximately 12kms until you reach the “T” junction with the Moorine South Rd (bitumen). Turning right will take you back to Moorine Rock, however we are turning left to follow the bitumen road. Travel for 21kms until you come to the crossroads with Dulyalbin Wheat Bins on your left and Mt Hampton disused school. The Tennis Courts and Community Hall are still popular meeting places for the Mt Hampton community.

  6. Continue over the crossroads (Dulyalbin Rd) for a further 15kms, then turn right to the Mt Hampton Wildlife Sanctuary. During 1995/96, the Shire of Yilgarn and Mt Hampton Progress Association combined to build a new water catchment at the base of Mt Hampton Rock. This is a beautiful spot with wildlife, wildflowers and magnificent views from the top with many water run offs, including small waterfalls after rain. Listen to the quiet of the Sheoak as the breeze rustles through the scrub trees.

  7. Return to Moorine South Rd. Turning left, we are now going to back track to the crossroads of Dulyalbin Rd. Be sure to take McKenzie Rd (signposted) to the right – this will take you past Moltthomy Rock (which can be seen to your right in the distance at McKenzie Rd intersection) and Sandalwood Rock (north weat of the McKenzie-Sandalwood Rock Rds intersection) and then turn left on Dulyalbin Rd.

  8. Travel 10.5kms along the Dulyalbin Rd, then turn right into Nulla Nulla South Rd. Along this road at the crest of small incline, stop awhile to stretch your legs and walk around the unusual rock formations, Laterite arch and lakeshore formations on Nulla Nulla South Rd.

  9. Continue for approximately 7kms including turning left into Harvey Rd, and then turn right into Dulyalbin Rock Access Rd, to find a small corner of the great Yilgarn and another of our unique granite discoveries – Dulyalbin Rock. Look out while driving on this access road to the rock for flocks of our Red/Black tailed cockatoos.

    There is an old well at the base of the Dulyalbin Rock – this well was one of the major watering holes along the Sandalwood track. A large cement tank and stone wall built into the rockface now supplements local farm water supplies. Dulyalbin Rock also has a wave-like feature although not as famous as Wave Rock in Hyden, it certainly could be classed as its rival. This is a great picnic place with spectacular views.

  10. Return to Nulla Nulla South Rd, turn left to Bennett Rd (signposted) and turn right. Continue to the crossroads (4kms), turn left, you are back on Moorine South Rd. Follow the bitumen road back to Moorine Rock townsite. From here, it’s 22kms back to Southern Cross on the Great Eastern Highway (travelling east).

    Alternatively, from Dulyalbin Rock turn left to continue on Nulla Nulla South Rd passing Nargalyerin Rock on your right and back to the Great Eastern Highway. At the highway turn right to return to Southern Cross with a short stop over at Moorine Rock’s family-owned Hotel for a light refreshment.

    This historical Hotel was moved twice before it came to its last resting place at Moorine Rock. It was first in Marvel Loch, then moved to Burbidge in 1923, then later moved to Moorine Rock. The small original township was first known as Parker Rd, before being gazetted as Moorine Rock.