Singer Industrial Sewing Machine

Published on Wednesday, 30 August 2023 at 2:25:36 PM

   Industrial Singer Sewing Machine - Circa 1900


The Singer Manufacturing Company in Clydebank, Scotland made this industrial sewing machine in early 1900.                        

Mr Martin Carlson, an early settler and the first bootmaker in the Goldfields town of Southern Cross purchased the machine. The machine was kept in the family after Martin died in 1908 until 1921 when Mr Jesse Little purchased it after having completed Boot making Repatriation Rehabilitation Course after WW1.

In 1939 Jesse sold his boot making business to Mr McLachlan who completed rehabilitation course while in Fremantle Prison. He did not stay in business for very long.

The machine was later used by saddler Wally Metzke and upholsterer Bob Tyler. Mr McLachlan sold the machine to Mr Hedley Warne for sum of five pounds.

Mr Warne presented it to the Southern Cross Museum in 1992 in immaculate and useable condition.



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